About Us

QES is a specialist developer of web based and offline apps, supporting secure digital data solutions to a diverse range of public and private sector clients. Operating in its present form since 2003, we have built a strong reputation for flexibility, innovation and reliability across a range of areas of work.
What we do

For over 15 years QES have been successfully delivering fully hosted, supported and maintained enterprise level applications.

QES applications are diverse, ranging from management information systems collating, reporting and visualising key information to solutions supporting complex multi tier finance processing.

The majority of QES solutions are web based supporting Multi Agency working with excellent access and flexibility to deliver solutions that are not only 100% fit for purpose but also future proofed too. As more and more public services are delivered via multiple agencies there is a growing need to use the information gathered in a smart, secure and cost efficient way.

QES have in excess of 250,000 users with a wide variety of technical skills, this usability is reflected in the clear and user-friendly interface created within our Holistix Platform.

Services are delivered by a range of approaches including SaaS Commercial of the Shelf (CotS) products as well as tailor-made development and or configurable localisations.

Our Vision

Within the next five years we plan to further evolve our suite of Safeguarding systems that help to improve efficiency and digitalise these areas of work with a strategic aim, to in whatever small way we can, reduce potential harm to children and vulnerable adults.

We continually strive to become strategic partners with our clients rather than simply third party vendors.

The company is made up of a growing group of individuals who thrive on collaborating with each other and our client partners to solve problems through the use of innovative technology.

We operate with a business advantage where we find a way to meet and exceed our client partners needs in a cost effective and timely manner, where others talk about cost and time, we do what we say and create solutions.

We will continue to collaborate and work as a cohesive team and be proud of our colleagues and proud of our products and services.

Success in our company is measured in being keen to come to work, enjoy your efforts and be proud of what we produce.

A selection of clients using our solutions