Online recording, casework and reporting for allegation management


QES have been working with Gloucestershire County Council on an exciting new project to develop a new online allegation case management tool: eLADO.

eLADO is a web-based solution, allowing your allegation process to be managed efficiently and securely.


Improve Learning

  • The system will flag up a referral if the person under allegation has had another or multiple allegations made against them. This will help the LADO team to have all the relevant information on the case, to assist with making an informed decision.
  • There is an in-built action tracking and monitoring process within the eLADO system. When learning has been disseminated in meetings, or at other stages of the process, users can store actions on an owner, team, agency or case within the system. The system will prompt the regular follow up of these actions, including an automatic chase feature and a flagging tool to easily identify when an action is overdue.
  • A reporting suite and an interactive dashboard are available to users at any point throughout the year, providing a clear view of the position and any emerging trends. The user will automatically have this information available at a click of a button, saving time deriving learning and allowing the user to react to issues more quickly.



  • The eLADO system supports Ofstedā€™s requirement to notify partners and host a Rapid Review meeting within 5 working days of the initial referral being received.
  • There are various features within the system which are designed to improve the efficiencies of the process, including automatic email alerts to key members of staff.
  • Full end to end case management.
  • Online Referral form, Outcome Decisions recorded, Meeting Management, Action tracking and monitoring, Case Notes, Reporting and more.
  • Improving efficiencies in the process of managing an allegation.


Meeting Management

  • The system has a full meeting management feature, allowing users to organise and invite users to the meeting via the system
  • Relevant documentation on the case can be easily and securely shared with the attendees before, during and after the meeting. This provides clear version control for the Administrators, and ensures all multi-agency partners can access the correct information as quickly as possible.
  • Actions and meeting minutes can be created within a meeting, which will automatically be accessible to attendees following the meeting.


  • The eLADO system is secure and GDPR compliant.
  • No sensitive information ever leaves the eLADO system.
  • Security roles distinguish the information each user can see.
  • All system, case and user activity are automatically audited, and accessible on a read-only basis to key Administrators.